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About the Event & FORMADAT

The Heart of Borneo Highlands Eco Challenge III is organised by the Alliance of the Indigenous People of the Highlands of Borneo, or FORMADAT. It is an ecotourism adventure that relives history, culture and stewardship of nature.

The event is limited to 50 participants only and each stage of the Eco Challenges comes with activities that bring participants through the footsteps of the ancestors of the Highland peoples and an appreciation of the wonders of the natural environment. So the concept of treading lightly, “take nothing  but photohraphs, leave nothing but footprints”, is core to the organisers and participants.

The idea to form a community forum was initiated in the year 2003 by late YB Dato’ Judson Sakai Tagal, Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication, Sarawak. The inspiration had encouraged community of the Highlands of Borneo to come together and established FORMADAT  in Long Bawan (Krayan) in October 2004. In the year 2011, FORMADAT has been officially registered in Sarawak and  Sabah, Malaysia; and Krayan ,Indonesia.

The highlands include the sub-districts of Krayan and South Krayan in North Kalimantan; Bario, Ba’ Kelalan and Long Semadoh in Sarawak; and Long Pa’ Sia’ in Sabah. The purpose of FORMADAT is to encourage sustainable development by means of community-based ecotourism, organic farming and agro-forestry, communication and information technology, and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage of the Highlands to benefit present and future generation.

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